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The Herb Garden
The herb garden which we really only finished planting in 2004 has exceeded even our imaginings. It is laid out to a formal pattern softened with loose planting and enclosed by hornbeam hedges. These give it the enclosed, intimate feel we always dreamed of, creating a Mediterranean microclimate and trapping the perfumes of the aromatic plants, filling the whole garden with heady scents and pulling bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects in like magnets.

In the centre is a knot garden – a Celtic knot to reflect Ian’s Celtic roots – made of wall germander (Teucrium chamaedrys). Around this, in the gravel, are stands of Verbena bonariensis. The beds are themed, with the four central beds containing largely culinary herbs. In the outer beds are medicinal herbs, household and cosmetic herbs, Chinese herbs, herbs for dyeing, bee & butterfly attractants and – just for fun - herbs with animal names.

Our definition of herbs is very broad and part of our aim here is to make people realise that there is more to herbs than just cooking – important and enjoyable though that may be. Our whole gardening philosophy is about the usefulness of plants and their vital role in supporting all life on the planet. We define a herb as any plant with a use, and the more we garden, the more plants we discover which are useful for something. In fact it is rare to find a plant that doesn’t have a use of some sort.

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